Saturday, January 2, 2016

Ringing In......

Thursday was New Year's Eve and our day started politically. We attended a "private (25 or so folks....invitation only)" breakfast with Jeb Bush . It was very cool. He spoke for a bit and answered questions then lingered to just chit chat with us regular folks. Seems like a very nice man who would be quite competent as President. Sadly , I don't think his voice is being heard in the madness of Trump's candidacy. 

We left the gathering for Gastonia where we picked up Brian and Emmy to take them to the dentist. Following that was the trip home and New Year's Eve festivities (I use that term loosely). Stefanie came out from work and we had an entertaining evening of game playing. I shared my crumb cake recipe with Emmy and she prepared a delicious dessert to welcome in 2016. We all jumped around and took silly selfies when the ball dropped at Times Square but within the hour we were tucked in for the night.

Thom got in a round of holiday golf with his buddies and the kids slept in till noon. A slow moving day. They packed up and hit the road by late afternoon and I began the dismantling of Christmas decor.

That job was completed this morning taking much more time than anticipated. Finally a thoroughly clean (but somehow stark) house and time to begin work on my upcoming post abortion bible study and CPC verses for next year.

Mixed emotions as to the conclusion of another Christmas season....sad and glad....

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