Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Apples To Apples Plus......

Monday was one more fun, family and food filled day! 

All the festivities had me catching up a little on my sleep yesterday morning but I still got in gear early to prepare for company. Friends from CPC had our "1st Annual CPC Game Night" here at Camp Carney. We shared tons of food, played board games, Minute to Win It games ( picked the best from the ones we have done at Thanksgiving) and just enjoyed each others company. Super fun night.

It was midnight before I crawled into bed with chores left undone. 

Another rainy day today which was fine for cleaning the house and bike time. Thom is covering prayer service tonight while the Pastor takes a well deserved few days vacation. I know he will do an excellent job of sharing God's Word in his New Year's devotion.

More guests tomorrow.....

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