Monday, February 22, 2016


Thom had an 8:30 appointment at the doctor so it was an early alarm. We made a brief stop at CPC on the way home but still managed to be on our dog walk at by 10:30.

Thom set about working on the car and I was doing boring house stuff when I went upstairs for something and was greeted by flood waters already covering the entire bathroom and at the cusp of the bedroom!!!! I waded through the inch deep water and turned off the valve beneath the toilet where the gushing liquid was like a garden hose on full force. I rushed outside to get Thom and he tackled the bathroom with the dry/vac as I gathered towels and buckets to control the damage from the deluge pouring from the dining room ceiling. What a mess! Thom finally headed to the hardware store for parts and repairs were made. Painting now on the agenda.

Thom off to a CPC Board of Directors meeting tonight. 

Finally settling in with coffee and Andy reruns.....

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