Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our Vote......

We were up early to cast our vote yesterday morning. There was a big turnout at the polls. Sadly those that have fallen victim to hype, media overload and non-PC bombastic rhetoric thrust the Donald into the lead. Ugh! Does anyone ever really listen? Where is the conservatism? Where is the plan to bring this country back to our moral foundation? Where is his record on social issues Christians care about? Not found in him that's for sure!

But....that's a democratic republic and I wouldn't trade it for any other form of government. Even at his worst he is head and shoulders above the socialist depravity of the Democratic party. Talk about the absence of morality and the blatant opposition to God's Word!

Okay, my frustration has been vented.

We ran errands for the morning and odds and ends for the afternoon. I attended a Ladies Night Out with my sweet friend Becky at her church for the evening and had a fun time. Good food, new people to meet and an inspiring speaker. 

Service this morning and hungry for a birthday lunch at City Range to celebrate Ms. Betty's birthday. (Alexia's mom). 

Going to be another blessed day......

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