Friday, February 19, 2016

All Sorts Of Stuff......

My Tuesday was full. I manned the Promise Point store at Miracle Hill during the morning hours, met with my PAS client at CPC till mid-afternoon and last but not least Thom and I enjoyed a terrific evening at the Bishops with our northern visitors.

Wednesday followed suit. Thom finally got in a day of seniors golf and I spent my usual blessed day at CPC. A quick dinner and we were off to First North Baptist for a political forum featuring Ben Carson and Ted Cruz. Carson seems like such a wonderful guy but there is no comparison between the two candidates. Bush and Rubio sent representatives to speak on their behalf. It was an informative evening. 

Janice had advised me on Tuesday evening that Olivia had pneumonia. The doctor had said she could at this point still be treated at home so to allow for Janice and Steve to go to work I headed up the highway after the forum and spent the next 2 days and nights at the Kahns nursing my sweet Livvy back to health. I came home this afternoon having left her feeling much better.

In my absence Thom enjoyed the company of the Santulli family here at Camp Carney where they fished and took a chilly spin on the lake. They had a Cracker Barrel lunch and he took Michael and Kevin with him to CPC where they met Marco Rubio along with SC Governor Nikki Haley and US Senator Tim Scott. I would have loved to have been there. 

Today Mike, Marc, Thom and the boys traveled to Columbia to see a USC baseball game. Michael has applied to USC so they had plenty of time to check out the campus. Hard to believe he will graduate in June and be off to proud of him!

Just Divot and I at this moment. Loving the quiet.....

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