Saturday, April 23, 2016


Thursday was a baking and housework day. Busy at home. Thom did the same although he did go with old post office buddies to the funeral of a past postmaster in the late afternoon.

Friday after a few errands I completed chores and had another busy at home day. Thom concentrated all his efforts on lawn mower repair and had the machine in the garage the entire day. 

Today was special.We headed to Gastonia to celebrate the 16th birthday of our sweet granddaughter Julia. We were able to help with the preparations and when she returned from a day with friends she was genuinely surprised with the 50 people crowded into the kitchen yelling "Happy Birthday".  She had requested her cake theme months ago and she was thrilled with the "Criminal Minds" red velvet sheet cake I had made. Great that girl so much! We are so blessed to have her.

The grands are getting so big......


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