Saturday, April 2, 2016

Littlest Birthday Party.....

Yesterday was a stay at home day but that did not mean it lacked it's share of work and chores. Both of us stayed busy!

By contrast, we were out and about all day today. We started with a few shopping stops. Among other places we spent time at Lowes examining and choosing the construction needs for the "front porch" Thom is building for the CPC banquet. Preparations are in full swing and we spent an hour or so at the office working on table decor with a few other volunteers. From there we visited an antique store in Cowpens to purchase old wooden windows for the "porch". About 2 p.m. we got on I85 and headed to Rock Hill for Titus' 1st birthday celebration. Beautiful weather was a blessing and all the kids played outside and we enjoyed the fresh air and TJ and Terra's BBQ repast.

Finally back home and in need of rest.....

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