Thursday, March 31, 2016

Post Easter.....

Yesterday was a scattered schedule at CPC. I had no client at 9:30 but I arrived early anyway to participate in prayer time. Shortly after 9:00 my second morning client called and cancelled leaving me with an empty schedule till 2 p.m. I decided to return home and do chores. My sweet 2:30 girl made the second trip back to CPC worthwhile.

Thom had a near record turnout at golf so both of us had a terrific day.

Gastonia schools are on spring break this week. Janice loaded Olivia, Brady and the Tarantino kiddies in the car and came down to spend the day with us. We had a fun, fun time!  I had the kids (boys vs. girls) do a Camp Carney version of the food network show "Chopped". Each team created a dessert with the assigned ingredients and Thom was the judge. It was a riot! We played games (indoor and out), baked cookies and just had an easy going visit. Love spending time with my grands!

They headed home about 6:30 and an exhausted grandmother cleaned up and parked herself in the recliner for some bible study and a bit of TV.  Rangers and Mets are competing for Thom's attention so there is a lot of channel changing taking place.

Truly a day to remind me of how good the Lord has been to me.....

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