Friday, April 15, 2016

The Robertsons.....

Wednesday was another full day of preparations. Thom joined the task force after senior golf and the work day ended about 7 p.m..

Thursday was off to an exciting start for us Duck Dynasty fans. Thom and I met Al and Lisa's flight at the airport and after securing their rental car we took them to lunch at a little local bistro. The four of us enjoyed a yummy meal and interesting conversation. Not to sound like a groupie but it was very cool hearing DD stories and having a casual meal with casual friend-type chit chat with TV stars!

They followed us to their "cottage" (the cutest little house behind a CPC supporters home) and we got their luggage unloaded and them settled in before we headed home to prepare for the banquet.

The event was spectacular. Colleen, Stefanie and Janice attended along with other friends at our table and we had a great time. Thom as Chairman of the Board did a terrific job welcoming guests and acknowledging the political attendees (don't know if I could have spoken to 1600 people). The Robertson's gave an entertaining yet seriously powerful message and the video presentation was touching and heart-stirring. The evening was a complete success!!!!

The alarm rang at 6:30 this morning and after being at the Expo cleaning till 10:30 last night it was time to head back and finish that job. Finally done by 10ish this morning and now home to the routine chores of Camp Carney.......

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