Monday, May 16, 2016

Being Social......

Wednesday was a long but gratifying day at CPC. I only had two clients on the schedule but as usual, God in His wisdom was allowing for the extra time these troubled ladies would need!

Thursday we enjoyed the company of the Pastor and Jan for dinner and Sequence. We talked and laughed the night away!

Friday I spent the morning with Becky at the mission. After dinner Thom and I met up with Alexia and attended the Eighth Day concert at Roebuck Baptist. It was a super performance as expected and afterward 9 of us (including Joni and Scott who are 8th Day) headed to Cracker Barrel for a late meal. We talked and laughed and eventually closed the place at 11:00 o'clock. 

Saturday I attended the Holston Creek Women's Ministry luncheon. As it turned out the speaker was one of the sweet moms that I see twice a month at MOPS. She had a compelling story about the martyrdom of her parents and her journey to forgiveness. A blessed time of fellowship and inspiring testimony.

Sunday was hectic. Early afternoon I rejoiced at the wedding of one of my CPC clients. It is such a blessing to see this couple who have lived together for years finally make the decision to live a lifestyle God would ordain. I hurried home and Thom and I made it to evening worship.

I realize I have failed to mention Thom's activities.....he has been busy preparing Camp Carney for summer. The pool is open and the garden is flourishing. He is also organizing and busy with his duties as manager of Carson's All Star baseball team. They begin practice this week and it will occupy most of Thom's days for a few weeks. I know he will love being with the kids and sharing his skills and love of the game with them. 

Spent my morning at CPC Bible study while Thom golfed. He is presently at the vet with Divot who is causing us some concern due to her lack of appetite. Praying she is fine.

Back to chores......

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