Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Post Mother's Day.....

We had a wonderful Mother's Day here at Camp Carney. The weather was warm but we stayed outside on the deck all day and enjoyed the near summer time heat. Run around games, relay races, boat rides and basketball kept us active and of course we ate a lot! Sadly Brian and Emmy were absent and they were missed.

Back to busyness on Monday.....Thom golfed and after a haircut I finished my post-company cleaning and we did a little shopping.

Today was hectic but abundantly blessed. The final general meeting of MOPS ,"Tea and Testimony" was this morning. It was teary and touching as the girls opened their hearts and shared their stories and the impact this MOPS year has had. Afterward the mentors gathered at Joy's home to discuss our experiences and how we can be better for the 2016-17 year. Love it!

Thom and I took off for Gastonia as soon as I got home and enjoyed a quick dinner courtesy of Aunt Joan before cheering in the stands at both Olivia and Emmy's volleyball games. The girls were great and both have come so far!

Home to relax a bit but apparently from the 3:02 a.m. time stamp on this post, not to sleep......

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