Thursday, May 5, 2016

United We Stand......

Today was the National Day of Prayer. The last few years Thom and I have joined 200 or so believers during the lunch hour in the parking lot of The Beacon restaurant for a time of praise, worship and prayer on behalf of our country. 

This year's theme was "Wake Up America" ......totally appropriate considering the deteriorating spiritual and moral condition of this great nation. We joined in prayerful petition for near 90 minutes and it was truly a time of hope and restoration of spirit. Several community leaders led in prayer and we concluded by gathering in small groups to join hands and become one voice. 

The experience is both encouraging and discouraging.....the Holy Spirit's presence is tangible but we wonder why there aren't thousands present. 

It is time for Christians to stand and be counted. We can no longer simply murmur and complain as we sit in the pew......the time for Bible truth is now and we must speak loudly and boldly......

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