Monday, May 30, 2016

Remembering The Fallen.......

We had an unexpectedly busy Saturday and Sunday. The calendar was blank for this holiday weekend with Thom filling Saturday with only a fundraiser golf tournament. That changed when Janice sent a quick text asking if all the Kahns (plus a friend of Julias) could drop by on the way to getting Julia and Ben back to Georgia. Of course that was fine.

Sunday than mushroomed with the addition of the Bishops dropping by for the afternoon and an unplanned over night on Saturday for Stefanie. The miserable rain cleared shortly after they all arrived and the kiddies actually got in some pool time, a boat ride and all the other assorted Camp Carney activities. Turned out to be a super Sunday!

Our actual holiday has been chores and a bit of Mets game relaxation. Preparing to head to the ball field for the first of the All Star games.Looking forward to Thom leading his team to victory.

Love surprise blessings......

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