Thursday, May 26, 2016


Last Thursday's dinner and movie was terrific. Approximately  15 EWYL clients attended (3 were my sweet girls) and we enjoyed a wonderful meal, warm fellowship and an entertaining film. It's encouraging when the girls gather and become acquainted with one another making new friendships.

Friday I enjoyed lunch with my mother and afterward picked up Olivia, Brady and Emmy to bring them to Camp Carney for the weekend. Janice and Steve set off to the mountains for an anniversary mini-vacation and I had the joy of having the kiddies (Emmy just joined in the fun). It was a super time full of all kinds of games and activities. 

Saturday afternoon Stefanie arrived with Brian to share the day. The kids braved the freezing pool water although the boys only lasted a few seconds. The girls frolicked in the icey cold for about 45 minutes......crazy! Basketball and outdoor games etc. filled the day and the exhausted Tarantinos headed back to Gastonia about 9 p.m..

Early church and time to return the little ones. The grownup Kahns met me at the yellow mall for the kid exchange and I returned home to reorganize my home post children.

Monday was Bible study for me and a CPC Board meeting for Thom after golf. Tuesday was Promise Point store day at Miracle Hill it. It was a sad afternoon however as we attended the funeral service for our music minister's 20 year old son. Prayers for his family requested during this difficult time.

Yesterday was my CPC day and a blessing as usual. Thom had baseball practice and I attended a friend's daughter's graduation party at the Village Greens club house. We managed to both return home at the same time.

Today was a catch up day. I planned to join Thom for baseball practice and dinner at Colleen's but some tummy troubles changed my decision and I am in for the evening. Although it is a ton of work and time I know Thom is loving his position as manager of Carson's little league All Stars. Tournaments will run for the next few weeks with practices almost every evening.....he will be a busy Grandpa. I am looking forward to their first game on Monday night.

Glad to be caught up and able to share the wonderful gifts the Lord provides for us daily. We are so blessed.....

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