Saturday, July 23, 2016

Tyndall Ruth is 3.......

Thom and his buddies took the first tee time of the day on Friday and were on the course near the crack of dawn to avoid the heat.

I climbed out of bed fairly early, did my chores and some bike time and headed to cross off a half dozen stops on my errand list. 

That done the rest of our Friday was quiet.

Ruthie's 3rd birthday party was celebrated at 10:00 a.m. this morning at a small park in Rock Hill. That meant up at 6:45 and out by 8:30. It was a sweet little gathering of the Carney clan, friends and a few adults. We took advantage of being only 25 minutes or so from Gastonia to stop in at my mother's house. Stefanie, Janice, Steve and the 4 kids decided to meet us there. We did Chinese and enjoyed a few hour visit still managing to be home by 5:00. It is just excruciatingly hot and we were concerned for Divot so we didn't linger.

Thom is settled in watching golf and I am beginning preparations for unplanned company tomorrow......the Kahns and the Bishops will be here. I love sharing the fun of Camp Carney with the grands.

We are soooooo blessed.....

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