Thursday, August 11, 2016

Furniture Bank......

Yesterday was a crazy great Wednesday at CPC. All four of my clients kept their appointments and there were many serious discussions along with many lighter moments of sharing.

Thom had a terrific golf day. I didn't make it home till after 5 so it was a reheated pizza dinner and off to church. Last night was designated to collect household goods for the Corner of Hope ministry and we traveled separately to provide 2 minivans for donations. We filled one but that was still great!

This morning we delivered the items and took a brief tour of the storefront facility. I am hoping we can do more throughout the year and spread the word to provide more contributions of furniture and all sorts of home necessities to those in of charge. Thom left from Inman to attend a day of meetings at CPC. I came back to the house.....lots to do always.

Another blessed Thursday in the books.....

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