Saturday, August 27, 2016

On The Go.......

Our weekend after Thom's return was quiet. Sunday afternoon I left for Gastonia and spent the night with the Kahn family so I could spend the next day with the kiddies as mom and dad went to work. Stefanie came over and we had a fun game night.

That Monday we all went to my mother's house and ran some errands with her, picked up Brian for a run to the orthodontist and to the DMV and conclude with pizza at the Tarantinos before I headed home to my hubby.

My Tuesday was hectic. MOPS in the morning and a long WMU meeting here at Camp Carney in the afternoon. Thom left his errands for the later hours and was out on the trike enjoying himself.

Full day Wednesday at CPC but not with clients. Cancellations left time for helping with golf tournament preparations and also the Faith for Father's "Men of Steel" weekend organizing tasks. It was productive and fun. Thom enjoyed senior golf and after a frozen pizza dinner we met up with the CPC staff to man the drink counter at the "Prayback" youth rally at Christian Supply. Tons of young people filled the parking lot for praise and worship music and prayer for the students, teachers and administrators for the 2016-17 school year.

In-service training for CPC volunteers on Thursday morning. We had a speaker from DSS and from the gaurdian-ad-lidem offices. Very informative. 

Thom golfed yesterday and we made a trip to the store and back to CPC to pick up a tee shirt donation for Miracle Hill.

Up and off to a Mary Kay party this morning. Not my thing but it is one of my CPC clients and I wanted to go to support her new venture. My sweet friend Nancy came with me and after the "party" we met up with friends of hers in Landrum and went to lunch to celebrate her birthday. Very nice.

Hoping for a non-travel stay put day soon but so grateful for all the blessings we have.....

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