Monday, August 29, 2016

Fur Child.....

We had that guilt inducing day yesterday. Both of us napped in the afternoon and the only other activity was a brief stop at the FLC baby shower for our youth minister.
Overshadowing the last few days has been concern once again for our aging Divot. She has been refusing to eat since Friday and her only intake is treats, eggs or peanut butter bread fed by hand. She has been lethargic, falling more frequently and just not herself. So this morning she was at the vet. After numerous tests and an examination there was no sign of cancer or any other abnormality.....the doctor thinks she may have had a small stroke or is in the early stages of a brain tumor. Frustrating not to have an answer. Doctor put her on steroids which should improve her appetite......time will tell. Love her so much (almost $400 worth this time!)

We accomplished some lawn mowing and house cleaning today. Still stuff to do.....

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