Saturday, September 10, 2016


It was a hard doggy greeting to begin our day.

We were blessed to have an amazing day for the CPC golf tournament. Hot and sunny for the 31 teams that participated. Thom and I arrived at the course before 9 to help set up and organize and by 11:15 teams were arriving and things got crazy for a while. I worked the registration table and it is always fun but hectic. They teed off at 1:00 and staff and volunteers were busy awarding raffle prizes and serving snacks and drinks as the folks made the turn. It was a tremendous success.

We had two cars and I headed home shortly after 7:00. Thom stayed to load my van and deliver excess drinks etc.back to the CPC office. On the way back to Camp Carney a group of deer ran into the road and Thom and one of the deer collided! He is fine but my car not so much.  Still driveable but the front bumper and fender are smashed.....our insurance company is going to drop us!

It was a mixed emotion day. I had a tearful episode when I got home and there was no wagging tail waiting. Wish she was still here. 

Bright spots and dark moments.....Lord see us through them all,,,,,

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