Tuesday, September 13, 2016

My Message......

Today was the first general meeting of MOPS so I arrived early to help newcomers find the right child care room for their kiddies. We had an amazing turnout (about 80 or more) and had to add extra chairs at the tables.....what a great problem to have. I was thrilled that 2 of my CPC clients accepted my invitation and I am hoping they will continue to attend.

We dropped off my car for repairs this afternoon and Thom is treating himself to a nap. He spent the morning disassembling Divot's hotel and cleaning out the garage. Just one more emotionally draining chore.

I have been asked to give my testimony at the Keen Club at Holston Creek next Tuesday and I have been doing a bit of updating on the presentation. I did it once before for the women's group and also at MOPS but it always needs review. 

I love talking about my journey to Christ and my journey since coming to know Him as Lord and Savior. When I look back at the falsehoods that had guided my life for so long I am so grateful for finally coming to know the truth of the gospel. So many people walk through life thinking "being good" and "doing good", following a religion's rules and directives, or being faithful in church attendance will get them to Heaven....."works" and "the law" will never accomplish that. Until 19 years ago I never really read the Bible and never knew the truth.......salvation comes by grace through faith ..... it is the only way!

My upcoming audience will be Christians but my prayer will be to motivate someone to share the gospel with another in the same way it was shared to me by my sweet angel Joyce. I look forward to the day I see her again in Heaven! How incredible that God's Holy Word guarantees that reunion since I have placed my faith and trust in the cross of Christ. 

God is good......

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