Tuesday, September 6, 2016

No Labor For A Day......

Thom and Tanner started early and spent yesterday morning saying goodbye to summer by closing the pool. Of course the weather remains hot but we run by Yankee standards and mark the season's demise on Labor Day by packing away the tubes and noodles for the year.

Thom gave Tanner a new tackle box and he was occupied rearranging his gear. They also worked on bringing an old weed wacker back to life  (Tanner had been saving to buy one so now it is his). Dinner out was on the agenda and we enjoyed our evening meal at Dickey's on the golf course. The day closed with grandpa and grandson fishing for hours floating around in Thom's fishing boat......they had a great time.

By 8 a.m. this morning the two of them were on their way to NC. They removed trees at Stefanie's house and also accomplished some chores at my mother's house. After lunch Tanner was finally returned to Rock Hill to rejoin his siblings. It was a pleasure having him and I think he enjoyed his visit.

I had my MOPS morning and household chores for the afternoon. Divot is on and off again with her health status....it's an emotional roller coaster and simply a wait and see situation. Her diet now consists of scrambled eggs with cheese and Italian bread....all hand fed. Pretty much anything we can get her to eat to accompany her medication. Praying she will bounce back to her old self.

Time to turn in. Rough sleep last night. 

God is good.......


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