Saturday, September 3, 2016

Summer's End......

TJ and Terra are enjoying an Air Force reunion in Las Vegas till Tuesday and we have the pleasure of having Tanner as a house guest for those few days. We picked him up yesterday and since Rock Hill is in reasonable proximity to Gastonia we took advantage and traveled the 20 or so miles to have lunch with my mother and aunt. Thom and Tanner got a few chores done there and we enjoyed a meal before our next errand. We retrieved Emmy from school and hung out with her and Brian for a bit before leaving for home.

The rains (and who knows what else) had traffic stopped on the interstate so we took the "scenic" (but way long) route home. We finally made it back to Camp Carney shortly after 6 for a light dinner and an evening of games and TV.

Up early to make muffins for our guest before he and Thom began a list of projects. Tanner is a worker bee and Thom appreciates the help and companionship. The Kahn clan is coming later this afternoon so Tanner will have someone other than the old folks for company. It is the last weekend before we close the pool so I was glad they decided to come down. Impromptu visits are always fun.

Time to get back to prep and chores.....

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