Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Different Tuesday.....

Events of yesterday altered our plans for today. Late afternoon my mother called reporting that my dad had been taken to the hospital. It was considered a non-emergency. They had been unable to stop the bleeding when they disconnected him from dialysis and it needed specialized care. We spoke back and forth all evening anticipating that we would make the trip to Gastonia to be of assistance. My mom insisted it was unnecessary and eventually he was released and the hospital provided transportation back to the house.

With that event came the discussions of hospice care as it was confirmed that his lung cancer has spread considerably and is the source of many of his problems including lack of appetite and decreasing energy levels. Hospice representatives will be meeting with them to provide specific information. My mother and I have discussed it at length and are hoping "in home" assistance can be provided at this time and things can remain as they are. He is in no significant pain from the cancer but the forecast is for things to eventually reach the point of Hospice House residency.  Today is his 90th birthday so I think serious talk will be postponed at least for one more day.

He will likely sleep today away and doctor appointments were cancelled so Thom and I did not make the trip up.

Tonight was the Miracle Hill Mission banquet and it was an outstanding event. We sat at Becky's table but it was great to see so many of our friends from other ministries and 4 tables filled with Holston Creek church members! Over 800 people were in attendance to hear personal testimonies and an amazing guest speaker. Ron Hall co-authored a book "The same different as me" with Denver Moore and was the key note. I had read the book a few months ago and loved it. The true story of the intersection of lives and God's work in each.....an enjoyable and worthwhile read. His presentation was moving and humorous bringing the message of God's love for all people regardless of circumstance.

We arrived home near 10 and enjoyed the DVR'd  Castle episode. So ready for bed......

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