Monday, October 7, 2013

Many Directions......

Yesterday was a whirlwind of activity.

We enjoyed a stirring message from the pulpit at early service and Thom did a great job teaching Sunday School.

Home for a brief stay and an early lunch.  Off to Spartanburg where we joined roughly 250 people lining a main thoroughfare in town holding pro-life signs and standing up for the unborn.  The peaceful demonstration lasted an hour and we headed back to Camp Carney.

Sad to say, dinner was a selection of party leftovers. There was only time for a quick meal....that was my excuse!

Back to church in short order for a church conference and our Not A Fan class. Thom presented the material in his usual casual but to the point fashion and was rewarded with feedback and interest from the group. The video accompanying the study is quite moving and provided topics for discussion before reluctantly ending at our prescribed time. This is going to be a great study!

Home and bed but rising early this morning. Thom had a meeting at CPC regarding the upcoming golf tournament while I went to the homeless shelter to help out. Tuesday plans required me to change from my normal time in Becky's office.

An afternoon of chores and as of this moment a typical home bound evening planned.

Life is good......

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