Friday, December 5, 2014

High Water......

Yesterday started off running errands for the day's project list. Thom spent the afternoon preparing the boat for our Christmas flotilla (and Stefanie's birthday celebration). I did laundry and spent hours decorating her cake.....hope she loves it!

Thom had golf plans for today and I had a full "at home" agenda but the Lord had something else in store for us. Near 8:45 a.m. Thom got a call that the CPC office was seriously flooded.....6 inches of water covering half the building and gaining depth by the minute. A scramble to dress and load up a few tools and dry-vac and off we went to try and help. What a mess. 200 gallons of water per hour had been streaming into the building from a connector that burst over night! A professional "disaster" crew had arrived shortly before we got there and Thom worked with them while I helped move furniture and transfer items to drier ground. All the flooring had to be ripped up, baseboards removed and even now the damage cannot fully be determined till walls are opened and studs examined. Ugh! There are still blessings.....had this happened over the weekend the entire office would have floated away!

So, that was our Friday. We came home near dinnertime. Pre-party chores will have to wait till tomorrow, getting up early will still allow the time to clean etc.

As always work is a joy when you are serving with the folks you love.....

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