Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Blessings Everywhere......

Oh my gosh.....Monday was a non-stop wrapping and mixed chore day with only a break for a nice long walk with my hubby. Too much on my list for fun stuff (probably a mistake).

Yesterday was also a whirlwind of commitments. MOPS had it's first official meeting of the year. What a blessing. Donna shared a meaningful message and we all ate, played "get to know each other" games and simply talked.  About 60 women were in attendance......I know I'm going to love this ministry.

From there to an afternoon at the homeless shelter, a trip to Aldi, and a sandwich for our evening meal. The Southern Baptist Association was offering a SS Revival class being hosted at our church. Since both Thom and I teach SS we looked forward to participating. It was an informative session and we left with new ideas to bring life back into our Sunday School program. Now to get those ideas into action!

Off to CPC in a few minutes. Another full day of clients ahead and tonight is the "Pray Back" student rally in Spartanburg. Thom and I will be serving sweet tea and lemonade to the hundreds of students who join together to pray for the upcoming school year. Brings hope to my heart to see young people gather in God's name to seek His blessing.

Gotta run......

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