Friday, October 9, 2015


Tuesday was my MOPS steering committee meeting but devastating circumstances would cause that obligation to be interrupted. 7 a.m. brought a phone call from Alexia letting me know that a member of our CPC family (once a client and now a beloved volunteer) was facing a tragedy. This sweet woman and I had grown close and I was stunned and grieved to hear that her 23 year old son had been shot to death in the wee hours of Tuesday morning. I made a brief stop at MOPS and along with Debra went to the house of the bereaved mom to offer our love and support. There just are no words to describe our emotions and the atmosphere within the home.....desperate sadness.

Shaken and keenly aware of our loved ones mortality I returned to MOPS and shared the experience. We are not guaranteed our next breath and this reminder should inspire an urgency to share the gospel. 

An afternoon at the homeless shelter followed and an evening at the Cherokee Pregnancy Center Banquet in Gaffney concluded an emotional Tuesday. 

It was calming to see my CPC clients on Wednesday. I had a free afternoon and needed to head to Gastonia where I spent Wednesday and Thursday nights to help Janice while Steve was out of town. It was a terrific time with the kids......AWANA for Olivia, Lacross for Brady on Wednesday evening. An early afternoon with my mother on Thursday (Thom came up for the day) and after pizza we all witnessed amazing volleyball wins for both Olivia and Emily's teams. 

I got the kids off to school this morning and headed home with enough time to shower and dress for the funeral service of the murdered young man. Praise and worship filled the building offering hope and solace to the gathering of grieving family and friends. My mind can't even go there.....losing a child to street violence. Sorrow so deep it would be inconceivable. 

Drained and tired I am ready for an evening of baseball (Let's Go Mets) and an overnight in my own bed.

Praying God's mercy and strength for all those who grieve tonight......

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