Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our Week In Review.......

Thom had a productive Board of Directors meeting on Monday. Great feedback from the tournament and exciting future plans for ministry.

Tuesday at the junior Carney's in Rock Hill to celebrate Teagan and Thomas' birthdays. Pizza and fun with the kiddos.

Wonderful Wednesday at CPC with a full day of clients and sweet times of sharing. Thom had a good golf day . Prayer meeting to end the day in God's Word.

Thom stayed for Camp Carney chores on Thursday. I spent time at the mission followed by a trip to Gastonia. A visit with my mom, hanging with Brady after school (Janice and Olivia are doing Girls on the Run), Kahn and Tarantino joint pizza dinner and Brian's football game.....the day in review. I spent the night at Stefanie's house and we chatted till 3 a.m.!!!! 

Back home late Friday morning.Shortly after, Thom and I went to CPC to load signs into the van for today's Life Chain event. Exhausted I napped part of the afternoon and still had an early bedtime.

Super heavy rains and threats of flash floods in the area made for a cozy housebound day yesterday. No complaints. 

Revival service this morning. I taught 3rd and 4th grade SS and enjoyed the time and lesson with the kids. Unfortunately the grim weather forecast resulted in the cancellation of Life Chain....bummer! Off to Colleen's this afternoon to enjoy a dinner for Carson's birthday.

Wow.....we are so blessed with busyness.....

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