Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Enough Cold Already......

After a 2 hour nap I got in gear yesterday and accomplished a long list of short time chores. I ventured out in the chill for a doggie walk but basically it was a no makeup indoor day.

Last night was better in the recliner and although Divot had me up at 5:40 we both drifted back to slumberland after she ate and took care of business. I met with my PAS clients at CPC and we had a productive study session then off to Miracle Hill. Boxes of miscellaneous items had been dumped in the Promise Point store and I sorted, shelfed  and straightened for 2 hours.

Becky and I treated ourselves to dinner at Jason's Deli and attended the Circle 555 meeting together. The members voted on which applying ministries would receive portions of the $60,000 donated by the group. Tough choices to make. 

Home by 7:30 to a canine anxious to make it inside to her warm bed. 

Another night in the chair.....the things we do for our furry children.....

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