Monday, January 18, 2016

Keep Pounding.......

After a full day at CPC Wednesday and prayer meeting Wednesday night the week closed with quiet but busy days of errands and home chores.

The weekend on the other hand was a whirlwind. 

Saturday was our CPC Volunteer in-service meeting but of a different ilk this time around. We rented Lyman Lake Lodge and threw a big party with everyone bringing their favorite dish to make for an amazing buffet of homemade meals and desserts. The hall is large enough to fit about 80 of us with room to spare and after the feasting we moved the tables aside and played minute-to-win-it games (I was in charge of the entertainment). Tons of laughter! We closed with a devotional from Alexia and a sing along of favorite hymns.  What a terrific night.

Sunday following service and SS we were off to Janice's for a football afternoon with a crowd of kids and Panther fans. Excited for the win! Susan and her family were visiting from Iowa and it was wonderful seeing them again......we miss them.

Home and exhausted. My day ended with a night in the recliner to allow Divot to stay warm inside and avoid the 20 degree chill of the overnight. Uncomfortable and awake at 6 a.m. to let her out. Ugh!

Nap on the agenda for today but for now a giant cup of java..... 

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